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Flange is a kind of accessory commonly used for pipe connection. It usually consists of two flat flanges and a weld connecting the two flanges. The main materials of this product include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc., which can be selected according to different working environments and requirements. Butt welding flanges are widely used in pipeline systems in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric power and other industries to connect pipelines, valves, pumps and other equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system. This product has the characteristics of easy installation, reliable sealing, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, etc., and can meet the requirements of various complex working environments.
Commonly used models:
1. Standard butt welding flange: Butt welding flange manufactured in accordance with international standards (such as ANSI, DIN, JIS, etc.) and commonly used to connect pipes and equipment of corresponding standards.
2. Long welding neck butt welding flange: The welding neck length is longer and suitable for high temperature and high pressure pipeline systems.
3. Short welding neck butt welding flange: The welding neck length is short and suitable for general pressure piping systems.
4. Compact butt welding flange: more compact structure, suitable for pipeline systems with small space.
5. Gear bolt butt welding flange: The bolt is gear type and can be easily disassembled and installed. It is suitable for systems that require frequent replacement of pipes and equipment.

Quality creates brand, innovation leads the future

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