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Pipe hoop is a pipe fitting used to connect pipes. It usually consists of two half rings and several bolts, washers, etc. Different models and materials can be selected according to different pipe diameters and working environments. Pipe clamps are usually used to connect pipes of the same or different materials. They have the characteristics of convenient connection and good sealing.

Commonly used models:
1. Clamp-type pipe clamp: The clamp-type connection between the half rings is suitable for general pipeline connections.
2. Corrugated pipe hoop: The half ring adopts corrugated design, which is suitable for pipe connections with high temperature, high pressure and large vibration.
3. Stainless steel pipe hoops: Pipe hoops made of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant.
4. Fiberglass pipe hoops: Pipe hoops made of fiberglass materials are corrosion-resistant and lightweight.
5. Carbon steel pipe hoops: Pipe hoops made of carbon steel materials are suitable for general pipeline systems.

Quality creates brand, innovation leads the future

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