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Supports and hangers are special equipment that provide support when pipeline equipment is displaced. According to the principle of moment balance, under the allowable load displacement, the load moment and spring moment are always balanced, thus reducing or eliminating additional stress on the pipeline equipment. Supports and hangers are widely used in power plant boilers, power plant steam, water, smoke, air ducts and burners and other suspended parts, as well as in petrochemical industry scenes that require such supports.
Supports and hangers are divided into types such as constant force spring hangers and constant force spring brackets. Due to their important role in the pipeline system, appropriate support and hanger products should be selected according to the actual situation during the pipeline installation process to ensure that the equipment is in optimal condition. Best working condition. In addition, when designing and installing, the installation method and selection principles of supports and hangers should be determined based on project expectations. Usually, the rated load of the constant force spring support and hanger is 0.2~400kN, the displacement is 0~508mm, the allowable on-site load adjustment is ±10%, the specified load deviation (including friction) within the full stroke is ≤6%, and the load within the full stroke is The deviation between the average value and the design load is ≤2%, and it can withstand 2 times the maximum working load when locked.
The support and hanger has the following characteristics: a wide load-bearing range, which can adapt to different load and displacement ranges; various structural types, and different types can be selected according to space and location; the spring is protected by the shell and can be protected from mechanical damage and environmental corrosion; during the manufacturing process , supports and hangers need to strictly comply with technical requirements:

Quality creates brand, innovation leads the future

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